some chips to check out

Got a broken (and a working) Kramer video processor from Uwe today. It’s a brightness-contrast and color-corrector and I was surprised when I opened it up that its completely analog, so I immediately tried to see what chips they’re using.

In the RGB correction part there’s a MC1496 Modulator/Demodulator, seems quite interesting and it’s still in production and quite cheap at mouser. RGB is converted back to composite through a MC1377P PAL/NTSC Modulator.

Also a TL072 JFET Input Op Amp.

That seems to be all for color correction…


Some 4053 Multiplexers here and there, no surprise. Some AD8056 Dual Op-Amps. Nothing to see here.

The whole circuit seems to be astonishingly simple (well, to be honest, there’s a lot of discrete stuff and filters and trimmable coils, but I was expecting more) – gives me hope to be able someday to build a color correction module….

Module Info

Power Draw on +5V: N/A
Power Draw on -5V: N/A
Frequency Response:

Schematic & PCB

View on Github


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