VHDL simulation on MacOS X

While actually programming a CPLD is not possible on Mac, you’re able to compile and simulate: I installed GHDL from here:


ghdl lets you analyze and elaborate a VHDL design + test bench from the command line. Then you can view the simulation as waveforms with gtkwave:


Documentation for ghdl (once installed)  is in file:///usr/local/ghdl/doc/ghdl.html

this guide was also useful for me to set things up: http://dcse.die.upm.es/Grupo42/ManualGHDL_v1.1.pdf

see the script ./simulate_Ram_control.sh in the synkie svn repository for how to invoke the simulation from the command line.

I commented out the line that launches gtkwave because you have to launch gtkwave only once, then when you recompile a corrected version you’ll only have to select “Reload Waveform”  from the Edit menu. I’m pretty sure this same thing should be possible to do in ModelSim but I just couldn’t figure this shit out.

But cow can actually just double click on the generated .ghw file to see the waveforms.

Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 11.39.46 End of Ram Initialisation and first Read/Write cycles


Module Info

Power Draw on +5V: N/A
Power Draw on -5V: N/A
Frequency Response:

Schematic & PCB

View on Github


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