Some notes on Op-Amps

Accidentally re-read some datasheets today and found out that the MCP662 we quite happily used all over the cv-sections of the synkie does in fact not fit our symmetrical power supply of +-5V. Its max ratings is 6.5V – oops ! We’ll have to replace the all or the will fail some day…

so here some notes on the Op-Amps we are currently using:


  • supports high supply voltage of +-18V
  • not rail to rail
  • only 10MHz gain-bandwidth-product
  • 100dB open loop gain
  • can offset color phase
  • input-bias current of 1µA


DON’T USE: Max 6.5V supply voltage


  • nice bandwidth (70MHz), no phase problems
  • ATTENTION very high input bias current: typ 5 max 15µA !
  • Low open loop gain of 60dB
  • Rail-to-rail
  • Max 12V VDD-VSS

Module Info

Power Draw on +5V: N/A
Power Draw on -5V: N/A
Frequency Response:

Schematic & PCB

View on Github


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