PAL in numbers

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Some important numbers concerning the PAL video signal:


Frequency Period
Luma Bandwidth 5 MHz 200 ns
Color Carrier 4.43361875 MHz 225.5 ns
H Sync 15.625 kHz 64 µs
Active Video per Line 52 µs
V Sync 50 Hz 20 ms
Active video per Half-Image 18.4 ms


Per Half-Image 313
Visible per Half-Image 288
Per Image 625
Visible per Image 576


Sync 0 mV
Blank 288 mV
Black 339 mV
White 1000 mV

Most of these numbers come from the Wikipedia Page on PAL

Some more details can be found here:

Module Info

Power Draw on +5V: N/A
Power Draw on -5V: N/A
Frequency Response:

Schematic & PCB

View on Github


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